Handmade brushes and accessories made of natural materials

Handmade brushes and accessories made of natural materials.

Iris Hantverk

At the end of the 19th century, a small brush-bindery was started in Stockholm. 

Now, as then, every brush is drawn by hand by people who lack sight. Handmade and fingertip feeling takes on a new dimension here. All the brushes are of exclusive design and are mostly made of natural materials. Iris Hantverk's vision is to grow back in the traditional craft profession that brushbinding is. 

This is done by bringing out the craftsmen's solid knowledge in products of functional and good design in combination with the quality of natural materials.  The brushes age beautifully.We want our brushes to spread everyday joy for a long time in your home. With a little simple care, they age beautifully. Clean the brushes with detergent and warm water. Let them dry with the bristles tied down, and occasionally oil the wooden back. We recommend cooking oil or boiled cold-pressed linseed oil.